What to Eat for Breakfast on a Flexitarian Diet?

By eating a healthy breakfast you’re fueling your body properly by getting the nutrition it needs in order to stay healthy and feel great. But if you follow a flexitarian diet, it can be tricky to know which ingredients are allowed and what you should focus on. Here’s a look at some of the best breakfast foods for flexitarians.


Oats are one of the most versatile and nutritious breakfast options for those following a flexitarian diet. Oats provide an abundance of essential nutrients and are remarkably simple to prepare – making them a great choice for health-minded flexitarians seeking convenience.

To maximize nutrition, opt for steel-cut oats or rolled oats instead of instant oatmeal packets. Combine nuts or seeds with some dried fruits or fresh berries to add interesting flavors and textures.

Nuts and Seeds

Start your morning with a crunch! Make a trail mix composed of walnuts, almonds, cashews and seeds for an energizing breakfast that packs protein, healthy fats, minerals and fiber. It’s easy to make—just pick the ingredients you like best or get creative by adding something new—and will provide lasting fuel throughout your day.


Eggs are another excellent source of complete protein that makes them perfect for the flexitarian dieter looking for something quick and energy-packed in the morning. You can either hard boil eggs ahead of time so they’re ready to go each morning or whip up a batch of scrambled eggs using olive oil or coconut oil instead of butter or margarine (which aren’t necessarily compliant with a vegetarian eating plan). Top with some feta cheese or avocado slices to add even more nutrition and flavor!


Smoothies are always a great way to bump up your daily intake of fruits and veggies while still enjoying delicious flavors. Strawberries vegan smoothie bowl try blending together frozen banana chunks with peanut butter powder plus whichever other fruits or vegetables you like best (strawberries work nicely!) then topping your bowl off with granola crumbles for crunchy texture! If you feel like having more savory flavors first thing in the morning there’s nothing wrong with adding an egg white or two into the mix either!

Plant Milks & Yogurts

It may be difficult to find dairy replacements that fit within all diets but luckily plant milks such as almond milk or oat milk are usually suitable in all cases – just be sure to check labels before purchasing! There’s also plenty of vegan yogurt options available including Greek varieties which provide additional probiotic benefits thanks to their live cultures content too!

All in all, the options for flexitarians when it comes to breakfast are virtually endless. From oats and nut butters to smoothie bowls and plant-based milks, there’s something for everyone!