We Feed Ourselves Differently During a Pandemic

Studies have shown that people feed themselves differently during a pandemic, cooking more meals at home than ever before.

These changes in eating habits mean we are taking more time, care, and consideration as to what food ingredients we choose to buy. In fact, careful eating has been on the rise even before social distancing measures were introduced.

It is hoped that these positive changes will result in improved health, particularly in the case of chronic diet related diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and hypertension.

Other home cooking benefits include strengthening relationships, as preparing a meal together can be a deeply fulfilling and nurturing experience. Cooking after all, is one of the very foundations of being human.

On the flipside, the pandemic does raise some challenges, like the ability to travel to well stocked shops that sell a variety of fresh produce.

To answer these needs, alternative food companies have been quick off the mark and are now delivering to thousands of customers throughout the UK.

Organic family farm Eversfield Organic and healthy ingredient provider Mindful Chef have both seen a surge in sales.

Mindful Chef boxes contain only the highest quality meat such as grass-fed Yorkshire beef, fresh fish and vegetables and Eversfield Organic offer their own grass-fed organic beef along with organic poultry, pork, and lamb.

Other companies delivering healthy food to homes in the UK:

  • Abel & Cole
  • Allplants
  • Balance Box
  • Chefly
  • Gousto
  • Hello Fresh
  • Hiit Kitchen
  • Love Yourself
  • No1 Food Prep
  • Purearth
  • Riverford Organic Farmers

As home cooking is predicted to become ‘the new normal’, we can expect to see more and more companies joining the home delivery revolution. If this means people choosing their own ingredients and preparing their own meals, it can only be a good thing.

Healthy home cooking, with an emphasis on plant-based ingredients, will not only help in the current pandemic, but in the longer-term outcome of people’s diet related health.