Tastily Collaborates With THIS and Meatless Farm for Veganuary

Tastily, the meal delivery service is collaborating with popular meat alternative brands THIS™ and Meatless Farm in support of Veganuary in an effort encourage plant-based eating as part of a rounded diet.

Tastily is proud to introduce new plant-based meals designed by our Michelin star trained chefs. Each meal contains at least two servings of veggies, between 400-500 calories (or 600-700 for the larger portion) and there are no artificial additives, preservatives, or refined sugars. The chefs at Tastily have adapted our customer’s favourite meat dishes to plant-based alternatives that are packed with flavour. These include: THIS ISN’T Katsu Curry, THIS ISN’T Chicken Tikka Masala, Meatless Farm Bolognese and Meatless Farm ‘Lamb’ Tagine.

Will McDowell, Tastily Founder says:

“It’s always been a mission of Tastily’s to encourage plant-based eating as part of a rounded diet, without compromising on taste. That is why we have partnered with THIS™ and Meatless Farms, using their amazing products in our recipes in support of Veganuary and beyond.”

About Tastily

astily is the meal delivery service for food lovers short on time. With a menu of tasty meals designed by a Michelin-Star trained chef, ranging from Beef Brisket Massaman to BBQ Pulled Jackfruit, for the love of food, why wouldn’t you?

Sign up on their website, www.tastily.co.uk and use the code NEW15 to get 15% off your first two orders.