Sunday roast dinner

My Year Eating Less Meat – The Sunday Roast

Like most Britons I just love the traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings. But this past year I tried my best to be different and cut down on the amount of meat we were eating. For our first week we had Roast Beef, Yorkshire puddings, Roast Potatoes, Green beans, a generous dollop of horseradish, … Read more

Plot9 Chilli

Plot9 Meat-Free Meal Pots Hit Shelves with Exciting New Flavours

New disruptor brand Plot9 is hitting shelves this month with an exciting range of plant-based meal pots that challenge traditional vegan stereotypes. 100% meat-free with taste satisfaction in every bite. The new Plot9 meal pots come in three delicious flavours: Thai-Style Chickpea Curry with Aromatic Rice, Rich Lentil Bolognese with Wholewheat Pasta, and Smoky Chipotle Bean Chilli with … Read more

Small giants insect snacks

Super Sustainable and Outrageously Tasty Insect-Based Snacks

If you like your snacks a little unusual and outrageously tasty, Small Giants Crackers are for you. These bite-sized savoury crackers are made with cricket flour – a super sustainable source of protein. The founders of the new brand-with-a-purpose say these revolutionary snacks are a great way to eat insects without the yuck-factor. Outrageously Tasty … Read more

Chef Woo Ramen noodles

Chef Woo Vegetarian Ramen Takes Instant Noodles to a New Level

Palmetto Gourmet Foods has launched Chef Woo – the first protein packed, plant-based instant ramen noodle meal on the go. These US made organic noodles pack 20 grams of protein for a tasty, nutritious meal. “Instant ramen is one of the most popular foods in the world,” said Barthelmy Helg, Chairman, Palmetto Gourmet Foods, and former … Read more

Young couple enjoying pasta dish

Celebrate World Pasta Day With These Perfect Pasta Recipes!

Join us at Flexitarian Focus as we celebrate World Pasta Day with three of our favorite pasta recipes. Choose from Gnocchi, Tomato and Parmesan, Green Pea Pasta with Basil Pesto and Lentil Bolognese – courtesy of our friends at Napolina. What You Need Serves 4 500g Homemade Gnocchi or dry Gnocchi 15ml Napolina Olive Oil … Read more

Veggie Chili

Meat Free Monday: Chipotle Veggie Chili With a Kick

Not only does this recipe for Chipotle Veggie Chili hit you with a wide array of balanced flavors, but there is a surprise hint of citrus added toward the end—lime juice. Onion, red bell pepper and even corn all blended into not only a meatless meal but a chili-lover’s paradise. And just to add a … Read more

Dawn Jackson Blatner

Book Review: The Flexitarian Diet by Dawn Jackson Blatner

One of the defining moments that helped kick off the flexitarian movement was the publication of Dawn Jackson Blatner’s book, The Flexitarian Diet. Here we learn about the author and take a peek inside the book. The Flexitarian Diet was introduced by dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner in her best selling book: The Flexitarian Diet: The Mostly Vegetarian Way … Read more

Chicago Town Tomato Stuffed Pizza

Chicago Town’s Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Stuffed Crust Takeaway Pizza

The gooey, messy goodness of Chicago Town’s Stuffed Crust Takeaway range has got a vegan addition with the launch of its new, Chicago Town Sticky BBQ Jackfruit Stuffed Crust Takeaway, which can be found in the freezer aisle of supermarkets around the UK. This is Chicago Town’s debut vegan pizza which gives vegans, and flexitarians, the option to enjoy a … Read more

Vegan Pukka Pies

Pukka Launches Two Plant-Based Vegan Pies

The People’s Pie maker Pukka has launched two tasty vegan treats, a Vegan Chicken & Mushroom pie, and a Vegan Minced Steak & Onion pie, both available in the UK from 16th September. Britain is known for great things. The Queen. Roast dinners. The Beatles and David Beckham. Fast forward to 2020 and Pukka – the UK’s … Read more

Women eating sunflower seeds

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

When you’re tempted to nibble on chips, why not reach for a handful of sunflower seeds instead? All seeds are nutrient-dense, but sunflower seeds are in an elite class in terms of nutrient density. Plus, they’re a snack straight from nature, unlike the ultra-processed chips you buy in a bag. Let’s look at some of the … Read more