Chef Woo Vegetarian Ramen Takes Instant Noodles to a New Level

Palmetto Gourmet Foods has launched Chef Woo – the first protein packed, plant-based instant ramen noodle meal on the go. These US made organic noodles pack 20 grams of protein for a tasty, nutritious meal.

“Instant ramen is one of the most popular foods in the world,” said Barthelmy Helg, Chairman, Palmetto Gourmet Foods, and former Nestle executive. “With Chef Woo, we’ve taken this popular, convenient, tasty, accessible food to the next level by making it nutritious.”

Chef Woo has 20 grams of protein and is considered an “Excellent Source of Protein” by the FDA (US Food & Drug Administration) for both quantity and quality of protein. In addition, Chef Woo is made with Organic ramen noodles, Non-GMO ingredients and is a good source of iron.

“More than ever, people are looking at what they eat as a key to their health,” said Reza Soltanzadeh, CEO, Palmetto Gourmet Foods, a former doctor who has always been keenly interested in the effect that food can have on your body and your health. “Many people want to add plant-based options to their diets but getting enough protein can be a challenge. Chef Woo is the perfect solution for flexitarians, vegetarians, vegans… really anyone who loves great tasting, nutritious food.”

“We designed a complete protein, providing all 9 essential amino acids that an individual needs,” adds Soodeh Shockravi, Ph.D., Director of Nutritional Sciences, Palmetto Gourmet Foods, who played an integral role in developing Chef Woo ramen. “One cup of the Chef Woo noodle with only 330 Kcal, provides 36% of the daily protein requirements that you need for the whole day.”

“We focused on creating delicious flavors through elevated ingredients rather than additives,” explains Reza. “And we have also taken the care and effort to certify our Chef Woo products as vegan, Kosher and Halal.”

Chef Woo and Ramen Express by Chef Woo (an affordable every day vegan ramen) are now being sold across the US at Walmart, Albertsons, Raleys and other fine grocery stores. Chef Woo is available in 4 flavors: Roasted Chicken Flavor, Braised Beef Flavor, Thai Lemongrass and Sweet Chili Togarashi.

About Palmetto Gourmet Foods

Palmetto Gourmet Foods, located in Saluda, South Carolina, is one of the largest noodle production plants in North America.

In May 2020, Palmetto launched Ramen Express by Chef Woo, an affordable vegetarian instant ramen noodle. Both Chef Woo and Ramen Express by Chef Woo instant noodles are vegan, Kosher and Halal-certified.