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7 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

In this article, we’ll focus on why you should reduce your intake of meat, along with some tips to help you start this journey. As well as its effects on our health, many statistics show how the high demand for meat globally affects our environment. For instance, 340 million tons of meat are produced every … Read more

Top Flexitarian foods

Top 5 Flexitarian Foods for 2023

As more meat substitutes are finding their way into the supermarkets, here we look at the top flexitarian superfoods for 2023. 1. Jackfruit Our pick for 2022, Jackfruit continues it’s rise with unabated force in 2023. We don’t see any let up in the hunger for this huge ‘meat alternative’ fruit. Even when the supermarkets … Read more

Jackfruit chunks

Jackfruit: The Rockstar of Flexitarian Cooking

This year’s star player of the flexitarian world is a tasty, nutritious food called Jackfruit. Jackfruit is a fruit (the clue is in the name!) But it’s not a fruit that you can just pick off the tree and put straight into your mouth like an apple or a pear. This funky fruit can be … Read more