Flexitarian breakfast

What to Eat for Breakfast on a Flexitarian Diet?

By eating a healthy breakfast you’re fueling your body properly by getting the nutrition it needs in order to stay healthy and feel great. But if you follow a flexitarian diet, it can be tricky to know which ingredients are allowed and what you should focus on. Here’s a look at some of the best … Read more

Cheese platter with olives

Can You Eat Cheese on a Flexitarian Diet?

If you’re new to the flexitarian lifestyle or are considering trying it out, you might be wondering if cheese is allowed. The good news is that yes, you can eat cheese on a flexitarian diet. Flexitarianism is a diet that primarily focuses on plant-based foods while still allowing some animal products in moderation. It’s not … Read more

Megan Markle

Is Meghan Markle a Flexitarian?

Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex and former actress, is known for her healthy and active lifestyle. She has been open about her love for healthy living and her preference for a plant-based diet. However, the million dollar question is : “is Meghan Markle a flexitarian?” A flexitarian is someone who primarily follows a vegetarian … Read more

Selection of protein foods

How to Get Enough Protein as a Flexitarian

Flexitarianism has become a lifestyle adopted by many. But how do you make sure you don’t miss out on your protein intake? A flexitarian diet is a semi-vegetarian diet that mainly features plant-based foods and dairy products along with a limited amount of meat. It’s a good fit for those who want to lose weight … Read more

Are There Any Downsides to Adopting a Flexitarian Diet?

We often hear about the upsides of adopting a plant-based diet such as the flexitarian diet are there any downsides to becoming a flexitarian? Planning and prepping may take longer One of the biggest changes you will need to adapt to when you become a flexitarian is planning, preparing and cooking your food. This is … Read more

Sunday roast dinner

My Year Eating Less Meat – The Sunday Roast

Like most Britons I just love the traditional Sunday roast with all the trimmings. But this past year I tried my best to be different and cut down on the amount of meat we were eating. For our first week we had Roast Beef, Yorkshire puddings, Roast Potatoes, Green beans, a generous dollop of horseradish, … Read more

Dawn Jackson Blatner

Book Review: The Flexitarian Diet by Dawn Jackson Blatner

One of the defining moments that helped kick off the flexitarian movement was the publication of Dawn Jackson Blatner’s book, The Flexitarian Diet. Here we learn about the author and take a peek inside the book. The Flexitarian Diet was introduced by dietitian Dawn Jackson Blatner in her best selling book: The Flexitarian Diet: The Mostly Vegetarian Way … Read more

Women eating sunflower seeds

5 Powerful Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

When you’re tempted to nibble on chips, why not reach for a handful of sunflower seeds instead? All seeds are nutrient-dense, but sunflower seeds are in an elite class in terms of nutrient density. Plus, they’re a snack straight from nature, unlike the ultra-processed chips you buy in a bag. Let’s look at some of the … Read more

Flexitarian diet food

Ten Benefits of a Flexitarian Diet

With more and more people around the world eating less meat, here we look at some of the benefits of adopting a flexitarian diet. The phrase flexitarian, which describes an individual “whose usual meatless diet sometimes contains meat or fish,” was first seen in the Merriam-Webster dictionary in 2012. Since then it has rapidly become … Read more

Climate action protestors

Can Becoming a Flexitarian Save the Planet?

We’ve read a lot recently about how flexitarianism is good for our health. But can eating less meat be good for the environment? Let’s take a look. What is a Flexitarian? The Flexitarian diet is a way of eating food that is mostly plant-based but which also allows meat and animal products in moderation. A … Read more