Flexitarian Focus Magazine is dedicated to helping you live your best flexitarian life. 

Founders Alice Munro and Jack Lyndhurst are excited to share their mission of eating less meat, reducing the environmental impact of animal farming and improving human health.

Alice and Jack

Meet the Team

Alice Munro

Alice is a Food Technologist and Co-Editor of Flexitarian Focus. She is passionate about food and has been a Flexitarian for some years now. Writing for some of the leading health publications for more than five years, Alice launched Flexitarian Focus to share her passion for flexitarianism with the world.

Contact Alice at: alice@flexitarianfocus.com

Jack Lyndhurst

Co-Editor Jack was a Commodities Trading Director in the food industry, sourcing bulk ingredients globally and selling to food manufacturers, food service and retail. A master at spotting trends, he recognised the importance of organic foods way before they became the norm and likewise he saw some years ago the huge potential for ingredients to be used as meat-alternatives.

Work With Us

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One of our key aims is to build a network of food health experts, environmentalists, meat alternative producers and organic food suppliers. To be featured in our new Flexitarian Directory, please contact us for more information.