7 Reasons to Eat Less Meat

In this article, we’ll focus on why you should reduce your intake of meat, along with some tips to help you start this journey.

As well as its effects on our health, many statistics show how the high demand for meat globally affects our environment. For instance, 340 million tons of meat are produced every year. That is troubling news because it means fewer and fewer resources for a much-growing population.

Due to its effects on both personal and global levels, we listed a few reasons that should help make the picture clearer.

1. Less Chance of Gaining Weight

It’s a fact that meat has large percentages of fat and calories, which might keep you from reaching that weight you’ve been dreaming of.

Cutting down on meat will most likely help you achieve that dream, as long as you go on a healthy diet and exercise.

2. Better for Your Heart

The less meat you eat, the less your chance becomes of getting heart disease. That’s why many heart disease patients have been advised to switch to plant-based diets.

3. New Recipes

If you decide to eat less meat, you’ll find a world of various, exquisite and delicious recipes to encourage you.

4. Less Intake of Cholesterol

Red meat is one of the main sources of cholesterol. High consumption might cause health problems.

An adult who consumes around 2000 calories, should limit the saturated fat in their food, and stay below 25 grams per day.

5. Better for Your Wallet

It’s easier to save more money if you buy meat once or twice a week instead of daily. Replacing three or four days of meat with vegetables should be budget-friendly.

6. Reduces Animal Cruelty

Hundreds of animals are killed per year for red and white meat. So, your cutting down on meat helps reduce animal cruelty.

7. Better for the Environment

If you’re concerned about environmental causes, this reason might make you eat less meat. You might even consider excluding it from your diet.

Production of meat causes large amounts of greenhouse gases to be emitted. Meat production starts from land use until the industrial processing of food.

Tips to Start Eating Less Meat
If you’re willing to start this journey, here are a few tips that might be of use.

  • Start with one day a week without meat
  • Share your progress with a friend
  • Try less-meat or meatless recipes
  • Try your favorite dishes with less meat
  • Invent your own meat-free dishes
  • Focus on getting high amounts of protein
  • Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is one of the many reasons why you should eat less meat. And your body will most probably love the change that more vegetables will bring!